A Taste of Freedom

Daily Lift™ can do more than simply improve your physical health. It can also boost your financial wellness. Once you try it, you will see just how well the product sells itself. And when it sells, you WIN.

More Ways to Earn Money as a WIN Brand Partner

At WIN, we take pride in helping people get ahead in life. That’s why we offer several ways to earn income, and not only on customer orders. By becoming one of our brand partners, you simply share your Daily Lift™ and your results with others and the company pays you when they get their own Daily Lift™.

Here are just a few ways to earn income with WIN:

  • Retail Profits: Earn 20% on retail customer orders — paid weekly!
  • New Order Bonuses: Earn up to 40% on your personal Smart Shoppers' and Brand Partners' first orders — paid weekly!
  • Differential Bonus: Earn the difference, up to 20%, on the new orders in your downline Brand Partners' organizations — paid weekly!
  • Reoccurring Orders: Earn up to 25% on reoccurring Smart Shopper orders.
  • Team Residual Commissions: Earn up to 5% on the sales volume of your downline Brand Partners.
  • Bonus Pools: Earn shares in quarterly and annual bonus pools equal to 1% of the entire company's bonus volume.
  • Luxury Car Bonus: Earn up to 1,250 toward a new/leased black Mercedes-Benz®, or toward tuition for college students.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

WIN is committed to providing people with an opportunity for physical, mental and financial wellness.
Just share the product with other people. It’s not even work for me.”
A personal recommendation from a friend means more than any advertisement could ever do. Just try it. If you like it, then share it.”
It’s an easy way to make money.”

Give Daily Lift™ a try. We know that once you taste it, you’re going to want to do more. We can help you on your path to success.

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