Get Your Delicious Daily Lift™

Taste the easiest, most convenient and affordable way to support your well-being. Daily Lift™ is the new superfood drink mix, packed with numerous antioxidants from fruits and vegetables to help fill the gap between what you eat and what you don't eat.*

For just €2 a day, you can enjoy two delicious flavors, cool mint and mixed berry, each chock full of

  • 59 valuable ingredients per serving
  • Numerous antioxidants from fruits and vegetables
  • No MSG, artificial ingredients, wheat or dairy
  • Gluten- and soy-free options available

Shake it. Mix it. Blend it. Dip it.

Daily Lift™ is easy to prepare in a variety of ways. Add it to yogurt. Create a delicious smoothie. Freeze it like ice cream. The possibilities are endless.

The Buzz

Here’s what people are saying about Daily Lift:

Daily Lift™ is a fresh, easy drink that gives you everything you need.”
It’s really convenient to be able to make something quick with healthy nutrients.”
We have a seven-year-old and we could not get him to eat his vegetables. We mix this up and he’s eating it like it’s ice cream.”
Everyone I talk to that is using this product loves it.”

Customer Three For Free Program

Need one more reason to love Daily Lift™? How about three? Refer three people to purchase their own Daily Lift™ and you will get yours free for the following month.† It doesn’t get any easier than that.

NZVT & Kolner Lists

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Plus, customers can feel good about our 30-day 100% money back guarantee!
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